Slatine, traditional fishing village, located on the northeast part of the island of Ciovo in central Dalmatia. It's connected with main land by bridge 7,5 km distance, and only 1 nautical mile from the peninsula of Split on the East.

It is the only village on the island that belongs to the town of Split.

Although not preserved from the urban spreading, it still has a charming combination of the old and modern...and it is an ideal place for quiet vacation, not far from the main tourist destinations. The vicinity to the airport Spli (15 km), bus station (7 km), ferry port, train station (35 km) and A-1 highway brings this village closer to the traveler.

Historical sights

Small church Gospe od Prizidnice is a cultural pearl of Slatine. It was built by catholic church priests in the 16th century on the cliffs surrounded by the harmony of stone, sea and woods.

It is worth to visit the church of Blažena Djevica Marija with its elegant church bell from the beginning of the 17th century. Orginal altar painting from the 14th century and remains of the old wooden crucifix are known as the works of Paolo Veneziano. If you are lucky and pass by during the Sunday mass, you can enjoy the sounds of local choir during the service.

There is a primary school – international Eco school in the vicinity. That stone building opened its doors in 1913 and celebrates the hundredth anniversary in 2013. There you can see a small etno collection, collection of Adriatic shells, and a small botanic garden with collection of Mediterranean plants.

In the center of the village, not far away from the school there is an old building, a house, built in a traditional way, of local limestone, surrounded by drywall structure. It has been preserved as a characteristic element of national cultural heritage. Picturesque old port with its berths still keeps over 150 years old wooden boats, used by local fishermen for years.

Leisure time

Take a walk through this picturesque village, have a morning coffee on the terrace of the local bar Lanterna and enjoy a beautiful view of Kaštela and Split. Have a lunch or dinner in a restaurant Mali porat, next to the sea. Enjoy the local food, fresh sea delicacies or order some of local specialities „pašticada“ or „peka“... While tasting good food and domestic wine enjoy the atmosphere of typical Dalmatian tavern Dida. For those who prefer good pizza there is a terrace of the restaurant Kvadar and delicious meal from batch will be served to them. A bar Mačak will make sure you do not miss important games while on vacation. Follow the game on a big screen with a glass of good beer. Take an evening walk with the sound of Dalmatian songs and do not miss the parties during popular Fishermen nights, enjoy good food, drink and dance...

Every visitor is fascinated by the charm of preserved nature of the village. Follow the way that takes you to the cape of the island. Paths will bring you to the hidden pine wood and small bays. Rocky and stone beaches take you to the natural pearl – pebble beach Kava in the very end of the island.

There are nice and suitable paths for those who ride a bike. Take a ride to the small church Gospe od prizidnice (2 km), towards the town of Trogir (8 km), and those who are more adventourus can go to the other part of the island - Okrug Donji ( 15 km). Enjoy the beautiful days and rent a boat. Explore Čiovo, Split, Trogir from the sea. Explore the hidden islands in the vicinity (Fumija, Kraljevac) or, for those more experienced there are famous and a bit more distant Šolta, Hvar, Brač...

An adventure is to rent a kayak in Slatine and paddle around the island of Čiovo. Choose an exciting Quad and Bugby tours departing from the top of the island and explore the untouched nature.

Slatine is a very suitable destination for families. Children can play and enjoy on beautiful playground near the beach, where there are also football and basketball fields.

Regular boat line Bura Line connects Slatine with Trogir and Split. Bus lines to Trogir are very frequent.

Other facilities

There is a small market where you can buy local products, fresh fruit and vegetables from local people. There is a small store with basic groceries, and for bigger purchase we recommend going to Trogir.

There is an ambulance in Slatine but If you need dentist, pharmacy or veterinary station you will have to go to Trogir. Besides regular services, you can make long distance phone calls and exchange your money in a local post office.

The nearest ATM machine is in Trogir.

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